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Empty Aluminum

MLI is Centralized in Baltimore where Canning Aluminum before with Steel started; however, Aluminum Canning became the cheaper and better method to pack, stack and sell product to the masses. Today, Like on TAOFLEDMAUS  “Giant Revolver vs Coke Cans” Empty Aluminium Cans “are being torn opened faster than a Mississippi Walmart”. So with your help you can learn more about MLI our business path and how you can join in the industrial side of Managing, Lending and Investing to Ensure Businesses and Jobs return to America. Ask more as we continue to build our business and expand. Enjoy the Video if you haven’t already seen it!


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New Posts and Videos Soon

Managers, Lenders and Investors will be coming live to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Twitch. Continue to Follow us to support in our store, shop and patron page.   Regards, Managers Lenders Investors Facebook Comments

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For Those wishing to Donate to MLI

We wish to thank you for your donations Please Donate To Bitcoin Address: scan QR Code Thank you all! We really appreciate it! Facebook Comments

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We’re going to welcome you all 10/10

To Celebrate 10/10 we want to have new Managers, Lenders and Investors start at a membership price of $9.99 a ten dollar a month plan to create a wealth of income as they create business for customers first. This idea goal is match ever idea project or concept with local project manager, lender and or investor to ensure it’s a successful journey for everyone.

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Ten Days

It’s a fresh start and were going to be ready hopefully in ten days with greater news!!! stay tuned…

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New Users Kicked

Yes, you must have an email, address, legal name, and proper means of payment to conduct business with Managers Lenders Investors, Inc.

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Ten Offers For New Hires

130+ applications for 3 positions, 40 phone screens, 16 interviews, 10 offers later… 6 jobs, let’s see who starts at MLI, Amen!

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Agent Broker Position now posted

Welcome to Summer the next phase of this quarter to get MLI going. To this, we need a licensed Agent Broker onboard. As much as I believe I should do it all myself. I won’t have the time to complete all the required exams etc this year. Thus we hire them, so let’s hire some talented people to bring in revenue for MLI and additional clients for MLI this summer, fall and winter.
thank you,

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Time to Run Against Cancer

The Running Music Fest

Join MLI this Friday Night to Run against Cancer in Washington, DC!